Awesome shipboard science for 5th grade

clam 2017

How do humans affect aquatic ecosystems? Belvedere’s 5th graders have been exploring this question, and this week they’re going to the Anacostia and Potomac rivers to see for themselves.

casting the seine 2017

One of the first answers came on Monday, when they dropped a net into the water to pull out fish. What they caught was a water bottle and some other trash.

This is the fourth year that the 5th grade has experienced a Living Classrooms field trip, and also the fourth year that the Chesapeake Bay Trust has provided grant funding to make the trip possible. On the water, students dissect clams, catch fish, net plankton to observe under microscopes and steer the Half Shell. On land, they investigate how long it takes garbage to decompose in the water and how local waterways are polluted.


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