Protect the environment and make Belvedere beautiful: Work day tomorrow (Saturday, Nov. 12)


Boys in Belvedere’s Garden Club are weeding to clear the area for native plants.

It’s going to be chilly tomorrow, but don’t let that stop you from coming to Belvedere between 3 and 5 p.m. to plant and help restore our meadow. Even if you only have time to plant one plant, it makes a difference.

We’ll be in the back. If you have shovels and gloves, please bring them. We do have some at school, too. We’ll also be mulching around the raised garden beds.

FCPS planted our meadow a few years ago to help manage stormwater that was running off the slope and flooding the neighborhood below. Vehicles driving on part of the meadow have eroded it and allowed invasive plants to move in. Last spring, FCPS Get2Green awarded Belvedere with funding to be spent on meadow plants so we can return it to its purpose. We now keep the back gate locked so vehicles can’t access the back of the school without our knowledge.

The meadow is one of the most highly used outdoor learning spaces at Belvedere, offering students opportunities to study life cycles, living things (including insects and mammals), soil, ecosystems, habitats, and native plants.

So please, throw on a coat and come over for a little bit. I’ll make sure there’s hot coffee and something to snack on. Kids are welcome!

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