Meet Green Belvedere’s secret power

When it comes to environmental education, Belvedere has it all: enthusiastic and curious students, a dedicated community of adults, and supportive funders. This year, we also have something else: volunteer Andrea Auerbach.
Andrea visited Belvedere last year while finishing up a master’s degree in natural resources at Virginia Tech; she needed to observe an environmental education lesson. After that, she said she’d like to gain some experience working with students, so she led a project in Ms. Muller’s class to create anti-littering signage for the school grounds. She liked us so much that this year she offered to spend one day a week at school — despite the fact that she already has a full-time job and has no other ties to us.
We’re lucky. Andrea’s professional background is in waste reduction. She has knowledge, Auerbach2passion, a detail-oriented mind AND is willing to spend hours in the cafeteria to help students learn composting. Thanks to her, we’ve been able to expand from one Green Team to one Green Team, two groups of Seed Savers and two groups of Waste Watchers.
Who could ask for anything more?If you see her in the hall, don’t be shy about introducing yourself and telling her thanks.


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