Back to basics: composting resumes


A 4th Grade Waste Watcher empties one of the composters to prepare for the start of another decomposition season.

Before Snowzilla turned the world white, Belvedere students brushed up on their cafeteria sorting skills (recycling, compost, trash) and started composting again. We’d postponed the start of composting because FCPS planned to get rid of the pink polystyrene trays, but picked up the practice after learning that the trays will be with us for the rest of this school year after all.

On the first day of composting, a trio of 4th Grade Waste Watchers emptied one of the bins and put its finished compost in the newest bed at Belvedere, the Civil War garden. We’re glad we got it in before the snow came!

About 75% of the classes received sorting and decomposition lessons in January. (Thank you, teachers!) Once in the cafeteria, Waste Watchers also helped students with the sorting process.

photoStudents are encouraged to sort their waste at their tables so only three students per table have to come up to the dis-assembly line. Here are some students who were able to make this happen.


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