Green Team spruces up tree nursery


Members of the 2015-16 Green Team are getting the tree nursery in shape by taking on several jobs:

  • Removing weeds and old soil from tree pots that don’t have seedlings
  • Identifying and measuring seedlings, then numbering the pots and recording the data in the tree nursery binder
  • Testing the viability of acorns, hickory nuts and walnuts collected by 1st and 4th graders (the viable ones sink in water)
  • Planting the tree seeds that are viable

photoThe Green Team was cleaning up the tree nursery so it would be in good shape before the 1st graders’ seed collections come in. Two years ago, the 1st grade started collecting tree seeds on school grounds and sometimes from Belvedere Park as part of a unit on community. The seeds that develop into seedlings will be planted on the school grounds, back into the park, or sold to the community to help Fairfax County reach its goal to expand the number of its trees.

The Green Team consists of three students per grade in grades 2-5. They’re elected by their grade-level classmates and take on different projects each year. In 2015-16, the team will be getting dirty, taking care of the tree nursery, expanding the Timeline Garden, and trying to grow enough food throughout the school year in our edible gardens to donate to a local food bank.


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