Dillane class rain barrel could be yours! Here’s how:

Dillane finished barrel 3

Earlier this year, Ms Dillane’s class designed and painted a rain barrel for the Northern Virginia Rain Barrel Program. The rain barrel has been on display around the county and is now at the George Mason Regional Library on Little River Turnpike. Its next stop could be under one of your downspouts!

Through June 15, you can bid on the Dillane rain barrel and 11 others at www.biddingOwl.com/rainbarrel or by googling “Virginia Rain Barrel Art.”

Rain barrels are placed under your downspouts to capture rain water from your roof. By installing a rain barrel at your home you will provide your plants with water, save money and water, and protect local streams, the Potomac and the Chesapeake Bay!  The rain barrels hold approximately 50 gallons. They are 23 inches wide and about 43 inches tall. Bidding starts at $65.

The Program will use the raised funds to buy more rain barrels for next year’s artistic rain barrel project, spreading the use of rain barrels and protecting local waterways.


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