4th grade Waste Watchers believe in spring


Two Waste Watchers empty fresh compost into a new bed — our old preschool sandbox — for Mrs. Bolton’s class.

Not to be outdone by third-grade optimists (see previous post), the fourth-grade Waste Watchers showed their faith in spring recently when they emptied one of Belvedere’s tumblers and started a new garden bed for Mrs. Bolton’s K/1 class.


A fourth-grader empties one of our tumblers.

Despite Old Man Winter, they threw on their winter coats and first emptied the tumbler. Although we’d put several hundred pounds of fruit and veggie scraps, we removed only 60 pounds of compost. It was not perfectly fine soil — some of it had clumped into fist-size balls because it didn’t have enough moisture — but it bore no resemblance to the carrots, apples, broccoli and other plants that went into the tumbler months ago.

After weighing the compost and emptying it into a wheelbarrow, the students rolled it to a new “bed” outside Mrs. Bolton’s classroom.


Waste Watchers prepare to haul their load of fresh compost to the site of a new garden bed.

We want to thank Mr. Garcia for this bed — it was his idea to save the preschool’s old sandbox and repurpose it in our gardens.

The Waste Watchers then spread newspaper inside the bed before dumping the compost. Here it will get plenty of moisture and be ready for seeds — in just a few weeks!


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