Learning about weather is a breeze with our new weather station

remote thermometerThanks to the Ketter family, Belvedere students can now learn about weather and measurements by using a digital, remote weather station in the outdoor classroom. Partially powered by solar energy, the station tracks wind speed, wind direction, temperature, rain volume, barometric pressure and humidity. The equipment is mounted outside, but data is sent to a handheld reader inside the school. The reader can be removed by teachers and taken outside.

set up weather station 2014

Mr. Klos and Mr. Garcia install the weather station.


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  1. Posted by Jeremy Goldstein on January 14, 2016 at 6:03 pm

    Is there anyway for the public to get Data from this weather station? I’m a Belvedere Alum who lives right down the street. I’m currently studying atmospheric science at George Mason so I run my own weather blog. I was thinking about buying my own weather station but it would be really awesome If I could get data from this station for my blog or even run a weather blog on this website! If you register the weather station with http://www.weatherunderground.com then anyone can see the data.


    • Hi, Jeremy — Sorry I didn’t see this earlier. Would love to talk w you about potential collaboration. Our station is down for the count, but we’re looking at replacing it. I’ll email you separately.


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