Trout and K/1 get along swimmingly

capt america tends to trout

Captain America changes the water in the trout tank.

They’re alive! The trout eggs have hatched and been released from their egg basket. Ms. Gump’s K/1 students are taking good care of the fish, testing their water for ammonia, nitrates and nitrites every day and regularly changing the water to keep it clean.

tank water testing

Water quality testing: One student drops tank water into a test tube while another shakes up the tank water and chemicals in another tube.

trout with egg sacs

When they were young: The trout still in their egg basket. The egg sacs that they hatched out of are still attached to them; they feed on these for the first couple weeks after emerging.

The fish, which are still pretty small, are now swimming freely in the tank. They especially like to rest on the bottom and hide behind the rocks. Feel free to stop by Ms. Gump’s classroom — the kids and Ms. Gump love to show off their finned friends.

Many thanks to everyone for the donations and advice that have made Trout in the Classroom possible at Belvedere:

  • The Northern Virginia Chapter of Trout Unlimited
  • The Class of 2014
  • the Belvedere PTA
  • Sandra Bentkofsky
  • Kathleen Bowen
  • Alexandra Braun
  • Beth Isackson Enriquez and Oswald Enriquez
  • Mary Gillan
  • the Gruendel family
  • Karin Hebert
  • the O’Kane-Allen Family
  • the Kearney Family
  • Jean King
  • Kelley Knox
  • Jennifer Montgomery
  • the Short family
  • the Trissell Family
  • David Weiss
  • and special thanks to Brooke Mason Short, who also donated the 55-gallon tank and stand that she found on Craig’s List, picked up and delivered to Ms. Gump’s classroom.

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