Thank you for Honda-fuls of plants, tree slices and batteries

pilotful of plantsThis is pretty much what my car looks like all spring. I don’t even bother using a tarp at this point; there’s no keeping the dirt and grit out. In the last week, my Honda has transported two carloads of plants, a carload of tree “cookies” (2-4″ slices of a tree trunk), two large boxes of tree seedlings, and more than 400 pounds of batteries.

None of this would have been possible without the generous community that supports Belvedere’s outdoor learning program:

Thank you to the Zimmerman family, for donating more than 60 native plants to Belvedere from your yard. Mr. Zimmerman not just gave us the plants for our meadow and courtyard, but carefully potted every one of them himself and helped me load them in the car.

Thank you to Fairfax Master Naturalists Kate Luisa and Pam McMillie for giving us lowbush blueberry bushes, false blue indigo, milkweed and other native plants for our meadow and courtyard.

Thank you to friend Anna Kim for giving us shade-loving native plants for our courtyard and milkweed for our meadow.

Thank you to Don Knieriem and Pastor Lisa Rzepka of John Calvin Presbyterian Church for giving us batches of tree cookies from your property, with special thanks to Mr. Knieriem for cutting up the trunks himself. We are using them as “stepping stones” around the kindergarten pumpkin lifecycle garden and will put them around our edible garden beds and to make other paths at school.

pilotful of batteriesThank you to parent Terri Lamb for helping to recycle over 400 pounds of batteries. It was a relief to get them out of the shed! Thank you also to the Belvedere community for donating them and to MOMS Organic Market for letting us take their donated batteries.

Unfortunately we received only $9 for them, which we used to buy half of a small fig tree. (Don’t worry — we paid for the other half, too.) We chose to take the batteries to Potomac eScrap because it was (note the past tense) the only vendor around who paid for alkaline batteries — your basic AAA, AA, A, C and D batteries.

While the company honored our alkaline batteries, the manager informed us that the company  no longer pays for them. That means we’ll be looking for something else to recycle as a fundraiser. While keeping those batteries out of the landfill is responsible stewardship, space is at a premium at Belvedere and it’s in our best interest to find something else to recycle.

Any ideas?



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