And now, planting for Earth Day

kenny 3 kids plantingYou may have heard: we have 13 new trees at Belvedere. Not just baby trees, but trees already taller than a grown-up.

Taylor w new black gum

Mr. Taylor sizes up a new black gum before it’s planted.

The third grade planted the trees as part of their study of soil.
First they learned about the layers of soil in the Earth.
3rd grade soil study

3rd grade soil table
Then they went on a tour around the school to learn about erosion.
Erosion Tour 2014 sign

Russell Carothers erosion tour 2014
Then the trees came. Hugh Whitehead with the Fairfax County Urban Forest Management Division, the agency that gave 12 of the trees to Belvedere, made sure they were in the right places. FCPS Facilities sent a big machine to drill the holes because the soil is too hard and it would take the third grade days to dig by hand all of the holes needed.
the drill

the hole
Mr. Whitehead placed the trees in the holes and made sure bags of mulch were nearby. Two other urban foresters, Nick Drunasky and Ian Fuze, arrived an hour before planting time. They had a truck with a huge water tank. Then, at 2 p.m., the first three classes came out. Before the end of the day, all 12 trees plus a dogwood donated by the Weber family were in the ground. See below for more photos as well as a map of where the new trees are and what species they are. To learn more about Belvedere’s pre-planting lessons and about an easy online tool for figuring out what kind of ecosystem benefits and savings you’re getting from your trees, read Tools — traditional and tech – for teaching kids about trees.

But first, lots of THANK  YOUs!! To Hugh, Ian, Nick, FCPS’ Dale Taylor and Brice Boyd, the Weber family, the teachers and the kids. Hug a third-grader today! But don’t hug our trees — let’s give them the space they need to grow.


The dogwood from the Weber family is at the back of the school, across the sidewalk from the black gum that’s closer to the fence.

kids planting tree
hugh and kids planting
planting arbor day 2014kenny2 planting arbor day 2014


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