Planting for Earth Day

Earth day 1

Ms. Jorbel’s kindergartners planted in Belvedere Park on Tuesday to celebrate Earth Day. As part of its “Take Back the Forest” campaign, the Fairfax County Park Authority  provided 60 plants and trees, all native to Virginia. Ms. Gump’s and Ms. Faust’s kids planted more on Wednesday, and Ms. Zapple’s students will finish off the work.

Belvedere kids have been so busy this week that the list of activities is starting to sound like “The Twelve Days of Christmas”: 5 classes picking up trash, 5 classes planting in raised beds, 5 classes taking a nature walk, 4 classes studying trees, 4 classes looking for erosion, 3 classes planting in the park, 2 classes caring for chicks, and a group of dedicated fourth-graders running the Recycling Club on their own without being reminded or asked.

So, enough chit-chat. How about some pix from the week?

erin and kids plantingPlanting in Belvedere Park with Park Authority invasive management area coordinator Erin Stockschlaeder. Belvedere parent Terri Lamb, an FCPA volunteer who oversees the Belvedere Park invasive management area site, also planted with the students.

Jorbel students plantingEarth day 6Steve and Saulo from GumpEarth day 9



The entire first grade worked as a team to build a new raised bed, fill it with dirt (thank goodness for those little wheelbarrows!), plant sunflower seeds, water and mulch. 1st grade planting sunflowers1st grade building bed

Preschoolers, binoculars in tow, rest under the courtyard’s weeping cherry during a nature walk around the school.

preschool under weeping cherry preschoolers under weeping cherry2





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