Thank you, Kitchen Gardeners International, Seed Savers Exchange and the Lamb family!

seed donationsOur garden beds runneth over with possibility!

Kitchen Gardeners International recently awarded Belvedere with a Sow It Forward grant that included $55 worth of organic, non-genetically modified seeds from The Ark Institute. The grant also provided cash, a subscription to Mother Earth News, a subscription to the KGI Garden Planner, and a Gardeners Supply Co. gift card that will cover season extenders for next winter’s garden. The cash has already been used to purchase new raised beds from The Farmstead, from whom we bought our other beds. The beds will be assembled before spring break. (Fingers crossed.)

We also received a generous donation of seeds from Seed Savers Exchange through its Herman’s Garden Seed Donation program. The program is named for Herman Warsh, an early and sustaining member of the exchange who believed in the legacy of “one seed, one gift.” Every Herman’s Garden donation box includes a specially marked seed packet and empty seed envelopes. The intent is for the recipient to harvest the crop’s seeds, then pass them on to other gardeners.

Ms. Summers’ third-graders will plant the bean seeds that we’ll give to another school next spring. This spring, being in the fortunate position of having more seeds than we can possibly plant, we’re sharing with neighboring FCPS schools, including Glasgow MS, Parklawn ES and Mason Crest ES, which is planting its first garden.

We also want to give a special shout-out to parent Terri Lamb, who last fall collected seeds from her own garden and donated them to Belvedere. We’re planning to follow her lead next fall!


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  1. Super awesome green things happening at Belvedere! Did you by chance read the Post from Apr 14th featuring the outstanding tchr awards? One of the teachers honored grows themed gardens including a butterfly garden, shade garden, sensory garden, Jack and the Beanstalks, and a “pizza garden”. Pretty neat ideas!


  2. I didn’t see the article, Karen — I was out of town for spring break. I’ll look it up now, though! These are fun ideas. At Belvedere, we have three butterfly gardens, two pumpkin life cycle gardens, a Rottin’ Garden (decomposition), and are in the process of creating a sunflower house. I know some of the teachers have some themes they’d like to see in gardens, too — keep us posted on what you’d like to see!


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