If bricks come, we will build it


Pretty cool, huh?  We’re hoping to build something like this at Belvedere tomorrow. (Because we’re going to have school — right? Right?)

How can you help?

Wash out your cardboard milk/oj containers, then fill them with water — almost to the top, not all the way.  We want them to form rectangles or at least squares.  Add a dash of  food coloring.  Leave them outside to freeze into igloo bricks.

Frozen containers can be dropped off at the front of the school tomorrow. I’ll be out to collect them. If you don’t go to Belvedere, email me at severs@fcps.edu to arrange for me to pick up your bricks.

frozen bricks w food coloringHelp spread the word — share with friends, family, neighborhood groups.  Click here to learn more about the inspiration for this project, which will help students learn about measurements, properties of matter, weather, density and community.

Below is a close-up of one of the bricks in my driveway. The food coloring congregated and I’m trying to figure out why. Does it have to do with the food coloring being more dense than the water? Or is it due to surface tension among the food coloring molecules? Or because the water froze first? (Food coloring supposedly has the same freezing point as water, so I don’t think that’s it.) What’s your hypothesis?

orange frozen brick



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