Forget the grocery store — time to hit up Home Depot

At this point, we’ve all frozen our fingers trying to blow icy bubbles. We’ve done the igloos, the snowball fights, and the maple snow taffy. We’ve filled balloons with water, then let them freeze outside. Hot chocolate is coursing through our veins. It’s time to up the ante. Time to make some snowshoes.


All you need is some duct tape and bendable PVC. (It can be hard to find flexible twigs this time of year, so the PVC comes in handy.) It’s sold near regular PVC, but packaged like a garden hose. Or, if you can’t get to a hardware store, a couple of pizza boxes and some duct tape will work at least once. Instead of duct tape, you can also use bungee cords or rope. It doesn’t hurt to have Gorilla Glue on hand, too.

Below are a couple of links to DIY snowshoes. If the forecast does come true and the snow isn’t washed away by Thursday’s rain, post or send me photos ( of your snow-day creations, whether they’re snowshoes, igloos or just some mighty fine frozen bubbles. And if anyone knows how to make cross-country skis, forward those instructions!

DIY snowshoes:



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