What does the fox say? He says he likes to hang out in our meadow

red foxJanuary and February are breeding season for the red fox, so these sly critters tend to be more active and visible then. Case in point: Ms. M&M’s and Ms. Bolton’s classes both watched a fox ease his way through our mini-meadow yesterday.

What to do if you see a fox? Once you’ve observed it for signs of rabies and found none, do nothing. A fox would rather flee than fight. It also isn’t likely to bother your pets, unless you have rabbits or free-range guinea pigs. To learn more about foxes, click here.

We have two fox species in Fairfax County: the red fox and the smaller gray fox. The gray, which can be confused with the red because it also has some red hair, is also called the tree fox because it’s the only member of the dog family that can — you guessed it — climb a tree.gray fox


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