Getting to know our trees

tree ID girlsA handful of students in SACC are making a tree guide so that all students will be able to identify the beautiful variety of trees on our school grounds. The group kicked off the project by walking entirely around the school building to collect four buckets of leaves.
This week they sorted the leaves and, using field guides, identified each species. The leaves they collected included American beech, red oak, white oak, Eastern white pine, tulip poplar and willow oak. (Do you know which one of these provides the shade out front while the kids wait to board afternoon buses?)

They then created leaf art for the courtyard windows, sharing the names of each type of leaf. Next they’ll start making the actual tree ID guide, which will also include information about why each type of tree is important and how the species differ from each other. Do you have tree or leaf art that you’d like to share? Please bring it to school and give it to Ms. Evers!full leaf ID display courtyard windows



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  1. Posted by Katherine Bates on December 4, 2013 at 10:45 am

    Love this and think it is awesome to do at SACC. Now I wish my kids went to SACC!


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