Garden soil out of banana peels: we start composting again

gibson class emptying composter for garden bedsFifth-graders from the classes of Ms. Holmes and Ms. Gibson cringed in front of the tumbler, unsure what they would find when we opened it after the long summer months.

Some of the students thought it would stink inside.  Others predicted soil, but they still thought they’d want to plug their noses when the lid came off.  What a happy surprise!  All of those hundreds of pounds of orange peels, apple cores, carrot sticks and kiwi rinds had turned into soil. Nothing to smell but good dirt.

Those food scraps seemed to magically turn into soil for the gardens, but the students know that microbes and invertebrates were responsible for the decomposition. The students emptied the tumbler and wheelbarrowed it over to the raised beds, where it now nourishes the fifth-grade (2)


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