Monarchs! and wrens! oh, my!

liddell monarch Second-graders in Ms. Liddell’s and Mrs. Bolton’s classes are planning to release their monarch butterflies today. Ms. Connor’s class is eagerly awaiting the emergence of a monarch; they can see its black and orange colors through the thinning walls of the chrysalis (click on photo below to enlarge it). Very few of Belvedere’s caterpillars made it to adulthood this year because of a deadly virus.

Belvedere also is home to a newly hatched clutch of six house wrens, but no photos yet. While counting the number of babies, Ms. Evers was dive-bombed by an agitated new parent and decided to hold off on the photo opp.
connor chrysalis


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  1. Hi. My name is Bette A. Stevens. I’m a retired teacher and author of AMAZING MATILDA: A Monarch’s Tale. You can find out more about me and my books at where you can also find a link to my Facebook Page. I’ve enjoyed your posts and am following your blog. Happy teaching, reading, writing and all of those other amazing things that you do. Have a sensational summer!


    • Thank you, Bette! I invite followers of greenBELVEDERE to follow the link above to Bette’s blog and to learn more about her beautifully illustrated books.


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