Cicadas NOT on their way!

cicada we're comingIt looks like those of us living around Belvedere aren’t going to be seeing our wide-bodied, red-eyed, crunchy friends until the dog day cicadas emerge in mid-summer. There’s been a lot of discussion among entomologists about whether our area would see the Brood II cicadas, and many experts said the reason they didn’t emerge by mid-May is because the late spring cold snap kept the soil from reaching the consistent mid-60s temp that the larvae need to emerge. But now it’s June, Memorial Day is a memory, and it’s pretty clear that those much-talked about Brood II cicadas aren’t coming. The line for where the species exists isn’t perfectly straight, though, so there may be some geographical pockets that get lucky (or unlucky, depending on your perspective).

So what is Brood II? And when will we next see cicadas in large, droning numbers? Periodical cicadas, or those that don’t emerge every year, are classified by broods. Those periodical cicadas of the same life cycle type that emerge in a given year are classified by number. Like this year’s fifth-graders are the Class of 2013, this year’s cicadas are Brood II. They emerge every 17 years, as do the Brood X — which graced us with their abundant presence in 2004 and will be back in 2021. For more on the broods and to see how close we are to the Brood II emergence, check out the map below (source: Want to see hundreds of thousands of cicadas? Head to Woodbridge, Lorton, Manassas — but leave your weedwhacker at home.  They’ll mistake its hum for the courting song of a potential mate. Yikes.

cicada brood II map


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