Baby wrens on the way?

IMG_1298  Students in Miss Gump’s class and some in Mrs. M&M’s class today discovered 6 house wren eggs in one of the bird boxes.  They also found about 6,000 ants swarming the box and the nest!  Ms. Evers went out later to remove the ants, clean the box and the pole so the ants would lose the scent of their trail, and then apply some rosemary oil to the box.  Ants do not like rosemary!

And it turns out that house wrens don’t like anyone messing with their nests. From the nearby trees, Mama and Papa wren squawked at Ms. Evers the whole time. Later, when she went out to put sticky Vaseline on the pole, one of the parents was in the box, checking on the eggs.  Fingers crossed that the ants don’t come back!  All about house wrens



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  1. Posted by Katherine Bates on May 30, 2013 at 3:19 pm

    So cool! What happened to them?


    • Strangely, when we checked on the box a few days later, four of the eggs were gone. I didn’t know why the parents didn’t consider the eggs viable, but clearly they’d removed them. I checked in with Carmen Bishop, a naturalist at Hidden Pond Nature Center and president of the Virginia Bluebird Society, and she was puzzled, too. (The parents also had reconstructed part of the nest — apparently, they didn’t like the job that I’d done.) Then, yesterday, while training two Virginia Master Naturalists who are going to help monitor the nest over the summer, we found four eggs. Usually birds will lay an egg a day until they reach a certain number, and that number varies with species. Bottom line: Right now we have four eggs in one box and seven in another.I’ll keep you posted!


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